"Children's Books: First Days and First Bites," in the Wall Street Journal, on The Complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook. "The cooks at America’s Test Kitchen have done a wonderful job of assembling appetizing and slyly audacious recipes for babies and young children," writes Meghan Cox Gurdon.

"What's Cookin' Kiddo? America's Test Kitchen Unveils Book for Young Chefs," in which I cook dinner with 8-year-old Lucy and NPR's Lynn Neary!

"America's Test Kitchen welcomes kids into the test kitchen," in the Boston Globe, on our latest ATK startup.

"Over the course of a lively 90-minute show, Birnbaum and Souza dissected their version of patty perfection." Cook's Science Live: The Burger Tour is covered in the Boston Globe.

Cook's Science is the newest venture for America's Test Kitchen!

Modern Farmer won a National Magazine Award in its first year. 

On my move to Modern Farmer magazine.

Season to Taste is named a "Must Read" for the 2012 Massachusetts Book Awards, by the Massachusetts Center for the Book

And a finalist in the IACP Cookbook Awards for Literary Writing!

A personal essay on cooking with (most of) the senses in O, The Oprah Magazine.

An interview with Culinate.com.

The Washington Post calls 'Season to Taste' a "tantalizing food memoir." It is "a pilgrimage out of devastation toward reclaiming the dream of being a chef."

A "smart, lovely book," from the Boston Globe

(also in the Globe: On the Nose)

'Season to Taste' in the New York Times: "The Cook Who Couldn't Taste"

(...and The Seattle Times)

An interview with The Independent

"Birnbaum's account of her trials is touching and readable, informed by research and richened by real honesty about her experience... From Birnbaum's unique experience of loss and recovery comes a message of strength—and an appreciation of the unbelievable power of scent," from Serious Eats

"...rich and insightful... 'Season to Taste' is a veritable feast for the reader. In the midst of her struggles, Birnbaum emerged less as a patient and more as a student, her quest for knowledge taking her, and us, to places that one might never readily associate with the scent of a freshly cut lawn on a summer day," from the Charlotte Observer

"Birnbaum tells her story with verve and curiosity as she takes readers through the strange world of loss and recovery," from the the Minneapolis Star Tribune

"A poignant account of how acutely Birnbaum felt the loss [of her sense of smell], how she got lucky and got better … As her sense of smell (and enjoyment of life) gradually returns, Molly’s words capture her heady appreciation, curiosity and wonder at the power of scent. This is a true story that will make you inhale deeply and savour whatever you smell," from Time Out London.

"When it comes to doing her groundwork, Birnbaum is unbeatable. No aspect of the nasal experience escapes her: the physiology of smell, scent and memory, scent and sex, scent and literature," from the Daily Telegraph Review

"...inspirational, honest and engrossing. Season To Taste is a book to get you thinking - and smelling - more," from Nicky Pellegrino in the New Zealand Herald.

"Season to Taste is a fascinating, illuminating and heartwarming read and a revelation of how aroma is woven, in intricate and complex patterns, through the tapestry of our lives," from The Fragrance Forum. (Where there is also a Q&A.)

An interview with Emily Rooney on WGBH radio

Radio Boston's Meghna Chakrabarti interviewed me on WBUR

An interview with the BBC's Outlook

A conversation with Libby Purves on the BBC's Midweek Radio 4, with Pat Kenny on RTE Radio 1, and The Kitchen Cafe on the BBC's Radio Scotland.

Q & A on The Daily Beast

And a Q & A on Gilt Taste

And one with New Scientist

"A culinary-minded journalist...movingly depicts the nearly ineffable plight of the anosmic...alongside passages of sweeping journalistic discovery of all things olfactory. A brave, unflagging memoir," from Kirkus Reviews

Q & A on Kirkus Reviews blog

"Moving and informative," from Publishers Weekly

From the Boston Herald: "A Matter of Taste"

(...and their food blog, Fork Lift)

An interview with WNYC's Leonard Lopate

On WOR News Talk Radio's the Joan Hamburg show (June 23rd, Hour 2)

A conversation with Michael Harlan Turkell on the Heritage Radio Network's The Food Scene

"Fascinating and vivid...Packed with information and a great read to book. I was smitten," from Library Journal

"A truly mouthwatering read," from BookPage

A Summer Hot Read from the NY Post

(...and The Book Case)

(...and Jewish Woman Magazine)

"...a lyrical story," from the Brown Alumni Magazine

"How often do you read a book you love and realize that the author lives in your neighborhood?" from my neighbor, on BookDwarf

"...Season to Taste has given me renewed gratitude and wonder toward God...," from Christianity Today