My first book, "Season to Taste: How I Lost My Sense of Smell and Found My Way," was published by Ecco / HarperCollins in 2011. It was shortlisted for an IACP award in Literary Food Writing, and is available for purchase here and here. 

"Molly Birnbaum writes with great curiosity and depth, reawakening in us all the sense of taste that we take for granted." - Amanda Hesser, co-founder of Food52 and author of The Essential New York Times Cookbook

"I had a hunch that Molly Birnbaum could tell a rich, engrossing, and deeply intelligent story, but what I didn't know is that I would learn so much from it - about strength, about persistence, about the resilience of the human body and mind. This is a book I won't soon forget." - Molly Wizenberg, author of A Homemade Life and Delancey

"Molly Birnbaum's fascinating book takes her--and us--deep inside the mysterious world of scent. Her writing about this unseen force is fresh, smart, and consistently surprising. If this beautifully written book were a smell, it would be a crisp green apple." - Claire Dederer, author of Poser

"When Molly Birnbaum lost her sense of smell in a brutal accident, it was a tragedy for her plans to become a chef, and yet it was a strange kind of gift, too. Deprived of one sense, Molly drew on all the others, and on her memories of aroma, to become a masterful and moving writer. And we, her readers, are the ultimate beneficiaries of her great heart and her vast talent. Season to Taste is a memoir, an inquiry, a rumination, and a love story, too, delivered with a poet's touch and a scholar's restless intellect." - Samuel G. Freedman, author of Letters to a Young Journalist


"The Science of Good Cooking," a New York Times bestseller, Cook's Illustrated cookbook, was published in 2012. (I was project editor.) In it, we worked closely with science editor Guy Crosby to tackle 50 different cooking techniques and the science behind them, along with more than 400 recipes. It is available for purchase here and here.











In "Cook’s Science" (October, 2016), which was shortlisted for a James Beard Award in 2017, we examined the basic science of ingredients themselves. Understanding how 50 favorite ingredients work—at the molecular level as well as on the stovetop—allows us to prepare them in ways that amplify their flavor and perfect their texture. "Cook’s Science" is packed with intriguing test kitchen experiments executed with lab-level precision to figure out what’s really happening when we cook our favorite foods. Informative, full-page illustrations (by the phenomenal firm MGMT.) will show you how ingredients get from farm (or sea) to table and explain the science of taste and texture. Not only will this book give you good fodder for conversation at your next dinner party, it will make you a better, more intuitive cook. At its heart "Cook’s Science" is also a cookbook, packed with 300 recipes that solve everyday cooking problems.